I highly recommend the Swedish Massage Shop.
Hello, everyone! January 2021 is already approaching the middle of the year. Last year, I couldn't do a lot of things I wanted to do because of the corona. I couldn't meet a lot of people I wanted to see, so I was very sad. I was hoping for a little improvement this year, but […]

Hello, everyone! January 2021 is already approaching the middle of the year. Last year, I couldn't do a lot of things I wanted to do because of the corona. I couldn't meet a lot of people I wanted to see, so I was very sad. I was hoping for a little improvement this year, but I could lose my energy. There's no end to bad thinking! So this year changed to the idea that I could have some time to focus on myself. To relieve my stress, I wanted to give it to myself as a gift, so I went to Daejeon Swedish Massage Shop for healing.!

The j-Swedish I went to is located 5 minutes' walk from Daejeon Yuseong Hot Spring Station. I went there by public transportation. People who bring their cars can park for free, so they can visit comfortably without any inconvenience due to parking problems.

The Swedish Massage Shop is open 인천건마 from noon to 5 a.m. and if your phone is turned off, it's closed or random, so you should know!

I was able to enter the store by hand disinfection and measure my body temperature before entering the store. The administrators at the Daejeon massage shop were disinfecting the shop from time to time. These days, when Corona is a horse, it may be a bit unstable to visit and stay, but I was able to receive comfortable care because you've been taking care of your health.

It was a great and calm atmosphere inside. As soon as I enter the shop, the aroma scent cleans my hair. It's been a long time since I smelled this scent, so I felt comfortable because I came to Daejeon Swedish Massage Shop to take a rest.

They gave me a warm welcome and a Louis-Boss tea. The day I visited was very cold, but after a cup of tea, I melted my frozen body. While drinking my favorite tea, I explained the program of the Swedish Massage Shop.

It was composed of three things. Course A 40 minutes 80,000 won, Course B 1 hour 100,000 won, Course C 90 minutes 150,000 won. It's been a long time since I've had a massage, so I chose Course C because I wanted to get it right.I was even more excited to hear that the Korean massage managers in Daejeon will take care of it.

At the Swedish Massage, I could choose the oil I wanted and get a massage. Even if I get the same massage, I was so satisfied that I could get a better effect if I get a massage with the oil that suits me. I chose lavender oil that is good for relaxing and sleeping well.

I was shown to the dressing room to change into a maintenance suit. The changing rooms at the Daejeon Swedish Massage Shop were generally neat. I'm relieved that I can store my luggage more comfortably and safely because I don't carry my keys with me because I use a password locker that's good for storing long, thick clothes like winter clothes.

I got an aroma massage, so I got you a disposable underwear and a maintenance suit. In addition, they gave me a disposable mask. For everyone, he was wearing a mask throughout his care, and the Daejeon massage manager was wearing it until the end of the care.

I feel much lighter after changing into a maintenance suit. I could tell how heavy the clothes I've been wearing were. While changing clothes, the Swedish massage manager was getting water at the right temperature.

They prepared a pot for you to eat while taking care of it. If you take a long foot bath, you often feel low in sugar, but it's a relief that you don't have to do that because the Swedish massage shop in Daejeon takes care of you like this!

The Swedish massage manager released the silver-scented foot bath in the warm water he had already received, and the fatigue accumulated on his feet gradually eased. It feels like blood circulation and my hands and feet are getting warm and I feel really good.I put aside my worries and stress for a while while taking a foot bath. I think it's good to take foot baths and calm down your mind.

Aroma massage manager from Daejeon came in to take care of me after a warm foot bath. She used the oil I chose to use. She dabbed it on the back of my ear and it still smelled after I took a shower. I don't know if it's because of the oil, but the scent made me feel better.

Overall, they did a light stretching, but the sound of their bones were so loud. It was a bit embarrassing, but it was as refreshing as the sound. But even if I stretch every day, it's also done by a Swedish massage specialist, so it's different to make sure it's relaxed.

Lastly, concentrate on taking care of the muscles that are lumped together with oil. I get a lot of pain even if I get sick a little bit, but at Daejeon massage shop, I received care without any inconvenience. You asked me about any inconveniences or places I want to get more from time to time, but I felt like I was being treated properly because you seemed to want to release one more.

I headed to the shower to wash the oil out. Maybe because it's a product that has good cleaning power, the oil was wiped off easily. The shower booth was also very clean, but it seems like you're paying a lot of attention to hygiene at the Daejeon Swedish Massage Shop.

There were all skin care products and disposables for aftercare. It was a Swedish massage shop that made me feel more comfortable because it was a comfortable place to visit even if I came here for an unscheduled massage!

It's been a long time since I went home with a refreshed body. It's really effective to relieve the fatigue and fatigue you've accumulated with your hands. If you are looking for a good massage shop in Daejeon, I highly recommend Daejeon Swedish massage shop!

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