Let’s see what 88카 Benz used to do
You've already experienced a lot with me.and a lot of memories.It's been almost a decade.Odd to drive little by littleI'm starting to see them, and I'm getting older.The older we eat, the older we get, the older we get.I don't think I can drag her around.I thought I'd better change it now.So I was looking […]

You've already experienced a lot with me.

and a lot of memories.

It's been almost a decade.

Odd to drive little by little

I'm starting to see them, and I'm getting older.

The older we eat, the older we get, the older we get.

I don't think I can drag her around.

I thought I'd better change it now.

So I was looking for Cheonan Jungocha.

It was held at a place called Sadanaka.

At first, we're going to start with an old model year vehicle.

With a little extra money after the car was scrapped.

I was thinking of buying a new car.

These days, even used cars at a lower price range.

The condition was very good and well managed.

That's why I bought it right away.

But if there was one problem,

I used to drive a used car.

I bought it, and it was really, really...

I had a bad trauma.

Back then, used car scams were a big deal.

It happened a little frequently, and quite often.

It's a nice place with good reviews.

I'm thinking, and I'm turning 20.

As soon as I got back from the army, I got my car right away.

I used to pay in installments.

Turns out I'm just a kid.

I was trying to 88카 take a commission.

I don't know if it was a bad dealer or a car.

Just because I picked it makes me feel like I did it'

at home with a good squabble

I've been here before, and I've never seen anything more than a used car.

I bought it for a high price.

At that time, all I need is a car.

in the spirit of

It didn't really matter. It was just...

If it weren't for a small car, too small,

I thought it'd be nice, but it's like that.

The vehicle you recommended, it's more than I can't handle it.

It was a pretty expensive car, and at the time,

He's so young, he's measuring things.

So the installment plan is actually going to be...

Let's see how it goes.

Every month more than I thought.

I was burdened with the payment.

Of course, if you were an adult, you'd have to sign a contract.

I'll take a really good look at it when I write it.

I knew you should've seen this and that.

I just thoughtlessly pulled out a car.

I end up focusing on things.

They're more expensive than anyone else. Friends, too.

My parents nagged me, and they were going to die.

I worked part-time. Except for my pocket money.

They all went into the car installment plan.

But when the installment contract is over,

Not to mention a little bit of breathing.

I've been dragging him around a lot of times.

Still, I'll never see the price of a used car again.

I thought we shouldn't buy too much.

A little more from the consumer's point of view.

Consider the circumstances and make recommendations.

I wanted to go to a place like that.

So, the Cheonan Junggocha,

It was called Sardanaka.

This place is not for sale.

It used to be famous for being eradicated, most of it.

From young people to old people.

You've all made installment payments here

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