He’s telling me to massage him.
Yoido Gunma Swedish is here!It's been getting warmer for the last few days. Fine dust is raging, and it's dangerous outside the bed.I've been guarding the house, and of course, I feel like I'm getting stiff and lazy, so I'm not home after work.I went outside looking for a place to go.Maybe it's because of […]

Yoido Gunma Swedish is here!

It's been getting warmer for the last few days. Fine dust is raging, and it's dangerous outside the bed.

I've been guarding the house, and of course, I feel like I'm getting stiff and lazy, so I'm not home after work.

I went outside looking for a place to go.

Maybe it's because of the cold wind, but it feels more refreshing than fine dust. Then, just.

I thought I couldn't get in, so I decided to stop by the Yeouido Gunma shop and get a swedish.

Corona 19 now has nearly 700 people.

I think we're going to break through.

Corona, of course, a different routine than before.

And I lost my hobby.

I like to exercise.

I've been doing Pilates regularly.

The teacher said to me!

I heard your muscles are too tight.

He's telling me to massage him.

Originally, I went to the 마사지 esthetician.

I'm taking it. Coronara

I haven't been there for a while because I was worried.

Even if I'm alone,

I didn't like it, and I was wondering what to do.

I got a massage gel recommendation from my teacher.

Olive Young Massage Gel

as often used

of a fat-soluble type.

I used the Olive Young massage gel.

Trouble... it didn't wash.

I had a hard time.

The waist and back that I can't reach...

With a towel to my mom.

I asked him to rub me in. ^^

What the hell did you put on?

I'm being hard on my mom.

It feels like yesterday when I received it.

Anyway, so never.

No fat-soluble Olive Young massage gel!

I'm thinking about it.

"Mr. Member, of course, soluble gel.

You know how to write, right?”

Your teacher...

"I know carrots."

I don't want to wash up.

They recognized it and strongly recommended it.

If you don't mind, your own product

You said you'd recommend it.

The product that you told me about is Orgel.

Not like Olive Young Massage Gel.

I'm so excited!

It looks like a massage gel.

It just looked like pretty cosmetics.

I like pretty things.

And if you're recommending it,

I bought it because I thought I'd trust it.

Oh, my God!

The next day, we'll have a knife delivery.

What the hell are you?

with a throbbing heart

I went to Pilates after work.

Pilates is very strong.

I can't wait to get a massage!!!


You need to exercise hard.

You've got a bunch of muscles.

from the very beginning

a muscular woman named me.

Calf biceps and forearms

He is no less than a boyfriend.

It's a 250ml mass.

I love it so much!


My thighs and legs.

not short of massage

I'm impressed with your monster capacity.

Plus, the container's got a lid.

Press as much as you want.

It's convenient if you squeeze it!

It's a lid type, so it's very neat.

I don't have to worry about foreign matter.

It's even better to keep it clean.

After taking a shower,

I squeezed a gel in my leg.

like a shurruk of excitement

flowing jelly

It's a water type jelly full of moisture.

It applies very moisturizingly to the skin.

It's so nice.

But it's a little watery.

not feeling, but slow

Like a snail, my legs slurpesque.

To seep in.

Turns out it's a massage gel.

It contains snail mucus.

Even though it's a type of water jelly,

It's like it's dripping down.

It's not that, it's just that the skin gets moist.

It was dripping down.

Olive Young Massage Gel Flows

It's not, it's stuffy, it's sticky.

I was annoyed.

It's got a moisture barrier, so it's going down slowly.

In the meantime, my mucus filtrate has been...

Soaking in the cracks!

Gel with light, clean viscosity.

Smoothly even if you rub it with your hands.

Rolling and massage ball-like.

It's so absorbed by the machine.

You're the gel...

It was so touching.


It feels so good and it's made of safe ingredients.

I thought there might be one drawback.

It's water, so it's going to dry soon. but

It was my misjudgment.
It contains snail mucus.

It doesn't dry easily. It's just...

Moisturizing like a soothing gel lasts a long time.

Snails. This guy's very good.

You did a great job.

plus there

It's called healing grass, and it's called a disease plant extract.

It's getting worse. I keep using my hands to make equipment.

It won't irritate you even if you rub it.

It's calming down!

The snail's moisturizing + the calming of the bottle grass

Meet me. My dry, shaggy.

Splitting legs...

You've given me a new life!
Natural-derived natural ingredients only

composed and complete

I can use it with confidence.

To a woman who is familiar with trouble.

This is good news.

Honestly, if you take a shower and put on massage gel,

It's ridiculous and annoying to take a shower again!

And yet, in a little bitches.

Massage Gel Apply Gigi

No, but he's a real junkie.

Apply after shower and just absorb skin

You can just sleep after letting me too.

Because it's a safe natural ingredient.

There's no trouble at all.

let alone trouble

moist and moisturizing when soaked

I can see my smooth skin.

I love it so much.

As expected, what you use is different.

The one with the Olive Young massage gel.

I resent the past.

I was told it was colorless and odorless, so I bought a puree.

It smells like real alcohol. Artificial.

I couldn't smell any cosmetics.

It's very clean.

So I just put this on.

If you absorb it, it doesn't feel like you're wearing it.

It just felt like my skin was good...
Because I'm working hard every day.

Let's use her.

It's bitter.

He took it to his room.

You mix it with essential oil.

He was massaging.

That's why I want to buy expensive ones for you.

It's also mixed with rose oil.

My mom, who's tired of doing housework,

I'll massage your legs.

Massage my hard-working dad's shoulders.

I'll do it for you.

Orgel made of filial piety!

It's a large capacity, so the whole family can use it.

It's good enough.

That's great. That's great.

My mom's a bit of a neat.

Just use the massage gel on your bare skin.

He washes right away.

The gel is gone when I just put water on it's gone.

Not only does it wash quickly, but it's also clean!

You didn't touch the Olive Young massage gel.

I think you like this one!

I'm going to massage my hands while I'm writing.

I washed it in water, and it's so moist.

Keep your skin smooth!

The real Orgel is...

Just hydrate the dry areas.

And it moisturizes them.

It's great to massage. It's great.

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