I’ve been properly treated for the Suwon 건마 massage
I've been feeling pain all over the place lately.I had a hard time without knowing the reason.Maybe it's because of the stress on the company.Or am I not getting enough sleep?I didn't know the cause.So, this time, I'm going to have a plex instead of a pI'm thinking of doing a massage.Let's take it. I […]

I've been feeling pain all over the place lately.

I had a hard time without knowing the reason.

Maybe it's because of the stress on the company.

Or am I not getting enough sleep?

I didn't know the cause.

So, this time, I'm going to have a plex instead of a p

I'm thinking of doing a massage.

Let's take it. I made up my mind!

I searched Suwon Massage on the Internet.

I didn't know there were so many massage shops in Suwon...

Among them, one of them is famous for good massage.

I got to know a place called Materapy.

I passed because I had a runner's space!

It's easy to find the location, and it's convenient, so the difficulty is

There wasn' There wasn't!

I went to Suwon Massage Materapy, and the boss said,

He came out and explained it kindly!

The boss here feels like he's full of kindness.

I was so happy to hear it!

I come inside and I go into the interior.

I was very surprised. What I usually think.

Massage shops are old and dull.

It's a lot, but it's not like that here.

It's not, it's rather so that young people can come easily.

You decorated it neatly and sensibly decorated!

I thought I wanted to decorate my house like this.

There are three courses in total.

Honestly, I was very surprised to hear the price!

I used to go to another massage parlor in 60 minutes.

I remember paying 130,000 won each.

Suwon Massage 건마 Materapy This place is really cheap

I thought so!

If I could turn back time... Ha...

I think the price burden is low.

I got a C course! I've got 60 minutes.

I thought it was not enough, and I'm going to flex.

Let's get 120 minutes to cool it down! That's what I was thinking.

When I came inside, the space inside was so pretty!

I loved the shower room inside, and most of all,

He didn't smell at all. He had no idea.

I heard! In the past, the beds at other massage parlors were damp,

It smelled a little bad, but here,

He's so soft and doesn't smell at all.

It was great! Even the gowns were soft!

Next time, I'll tell the owner of Suwon Massage Shop MTerapy.

I need to know how to do the laundry. Haha

Before the full-scale massage starts,

I was a little nervous, but I got a massage.

About five minutes? far from being nervousness

It was so cool that my mouth was watering.

He was stuck... now that I think about it

This is so embarrassing.crying

After a very satisfying massage,

The boss came out and asked me if I got it right.

You asked me, and I was very, very satisfied.

I did! I said, and the boss said,

Suwon Massage Shop Mterafi on the way.

Sign up for the cafe and get all kinds of event benefits.

He told me! So next week, I'll be back.

I'm going to come back with benefits!

Honestly, the massage is so cool that I'm going.

I think there's a big reason I'm going because you're so kind

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