Gangnam 스웨디시 Massage Shop
When sitting down for so long that you feel so sick and unable to recover from fatigue,I often book a spa as an emergency order and receive care.I do all kinds of exercises to reduce swelling in stretching, but there is also a limit to doing it by myself.It's best to touch and release someone […]

When sitting down for so long that you feel so sick and unable to recover from fatigue,

I often book a spa as an emergency order and receive care.

I do all kinds of exercises to reduce swelling in stretching, but there is also a limit to doing it by myself.

It's best to touch and release someone else's hands.

Sunneung Station Massage Inner Ark, which I reserved because I wanted to release my whole body with 스웨디시 masaji after a long time ago.

Accessibility, program, hygiene, facilities, services and skills were all satisfactory.

After coming out of Exit 3 of Seonreung Station, there is a crosswalk.

If you do not cross the crosswalk and turn right, you will see Hotel Newb.

Inner Ark is also inside the hotel, so you can enjoy the hotel infrastructure together.

If you make a reservation, you will get a text that will guide you to the entrance of the parking Carefulness that cares about directions like me.

Passing through the quiet hotel lobby to the second floor.

It's in the hotel, but the price is reasonable and clearly stated in front of it.

Reservations are required because Sunneung Station Massage Inner Art is operated on a 100% reservation basis.

As I went straight to Gangnam after work, I arrived just in time for the reservation.

cozy atmosphere

Use of Aveda Products

Press the bell at the entrance to open the door. It's private.

Even the lobby is neat and tidy and quiet.

I went in with a man who had a reservation at the same time, from counseling to care.

The movements did not overlap, so I felt more concerned.

Long structure along the corridor with maintenance rooms.

The interior was also luxurious and cozy as it had a calm overall color.

The Sunneung Station Massage Inner Ark uses AVEDA products!

I used the Aveda shampoo and skin mist like this, and my scalp, which suffered from sensitive scalp, was saved after using the Aveda shampoo. lol

And the skin mist is moist, so it's sprinkled well and has a subtle herb scent.

It's a world-famous and proven product, and it's a brand that fits me well, so it's a great Sunneung Station Massage Inner Ark.

Counseling over a cool herbal tea. What I received on this day was a body-pulness therapy with a pain intensity of "Joong."

Swedishimasaji, a combination of dry food and aroma care, is a program that helps to restore muscles and improve circulation.

I asked them to recommend a refreshing scent because it is hot and sticky.

The day was treated with peppermint oil.

Innerark Bodypoolist Therapy

80 minutes, full-body care

The guided room was a single room and very, very spacious.

There is a shower room and changing facilities inside, so it is convenient to not move to the changing room.

It was taken after the treatment, so it was slightly disorganized.

The bed was also soft and warm, and when I lay down, my face and neck were relatively flat and comfortable.

The inner arc, which also provided disposable underwear and slippers, was satisfactory in facilities and cleanliness.

Shower room products are also Carrot Abe.

It's good for moisturizing your body after taking care of it, but if you don't like it sticky, you can take a shower before and after taking care of it.

You can choose according to your personal preference.

A selfie that's excited before being taken care of.

I'm excited to be in charge after a long time.

These days, I don't wear makeup because of all the sweat. + After work combo

I'm glad I covered myself with a mask.

I used peppermint oil, jojoba, and almond oil that I selected earlier by blending it.

It automatically adjusts the height of the electric bed, and the face contact area also uses a disposable pad to highlight hygiene.

Thanks to the electric bed, you often adjust the height of the bed.

A personal idea that managers can use their skills well because it's easy for them to get in shape. Haha

Throughout 80 minutes of maintenance, I felt my body was getting tired and light.

A pleasant languor in which the fatigue of a warm bed is gradually reduced as it circulates well.

Like Swedishimasaj, we use aroma oil,

The pressure is not as weak as it is, but it is a way to slowly release the trigger points by holding them firmly.

Especially, my shoulders and neck were very tight, but it was really cool when you looked over the neck-to-back area around my shoulders. crying

And then you lie on your stomach, and then you go straight to the front.

His neck was so stiff that he looked at the decolte line carefully.

The neck feels much lighter when you touch it diagonally with your head forward and diagonally.

When I first came and fell on the bed, I was a little embarrassed to hear the sound of Gutcha.

After the program, I woke up with a much more relaxed body.

After Heavenly Touch, I feel a little sad.

It's a full-body massage that uses oil, so you can control it as much as possible, but it can get a little on your head.

If I have an appointment, I can wash my hair and go home right away, so I just left.

It's good for moisturizing oil after care, and if it's too slippery, it's better to wipe it off lightly with a towel.

I felt better because my swollen legs were rotated and my shoes got loose

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